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Provision for the Vision

I took some time out, recently. I started to get frustrated, because things weren’t moving forward in the pace I wanted them to move, and I felt there were constant setbacks and drawbacks. It was only when I took some … Continue reading

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Get up, Create, Break Out

I think it’s great to have a book that is good enough to pass on to a friend, that’s a must-read. It’s even better, when it’s a book that not only will they enjoy, but will add value to their … Continue reading

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Get some statisfaction

Sometimes you read statistics and they can bore you into oblivion. But in terms of your business, you need to start getting excited about stats. Stats, facts and figures are snapshots of information, which can give you a picture of: … Continue reading

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The Life of Pie

I had a brilliant morning yesterday. I was invited to a girls’ school in north London to speak about setting up a business, finance and career choices while you are young. We did a short exercise on how my day … Continue reading

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Are you a Famous Failure?

Look at some of these great men and women (and their failures and setbacks along the way). If you’ve tried and have yet to succeed, but know there is greatness within you; you are among some great company. Every time … Continue reading

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Is your passion calling you?

Join me in the Girls’ Room on 8th February 2014.

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