What your children need to know and hear

With half-term looming, you may get have the chance to hear yourself think. But here’s what your children need to hear throughout their life. As a parent, these words need to come from you.

7 thngs kids need to hear

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Good intentions

Baroness Thatcher never ceased to surprise me with her wit and wisdom. On her very first television interview, after being elected Prime Minister(World in Action on ITV), she highlighted a point about a well-known parable – The Good Samaritan.


“No one, would have remembered the Good Samaritan, if he only had good intentions. Remember, he had money.”
If you just have good intentions, but don’t have the funds or the connections to follow through, what use is that?

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Today is my day


This is one of my favourite photos of myself, so I thought I would share it with you, on my birthday.  I still cannot believe that this smiling, chubby cheeked toddler is now 46.

There’s still a lot of life in me and my to-do-list-of-life grows every day.  I know that God wants me to continue to flourish and encourage others to thrive and flourish, too.

After reading yesterday’s Word For Today, at some point today, I am going to stop and take a moment.  I’ll thank God for my life and I’ll raise a toast (I’m still not sure whether it will be a glass of Champagne, some fruit tea, a milkshake or a  cup of coffee) and say ‘here’s to the person God designed and desired, and has determined me to become!’

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The book of possibilities

One of my favourite girl-time films is Last Holiday, starring Queen Latifah. Cookware sales clerk Georgia Byrd is led to believe that she has less than a month to live. So she cashes in her life savings and literally begins to live like there’s no tomorrow (living out her dream). The reason Georgia knows exactly how to live out her dreams is because she has a Book of Possibilities; a book filled with Georgia’s hopes, dreams and desires. She comically cuts out a wedding photo and stick on photos of her head and her love interest. She keeps copies of all the favourite hotels and restaurants she would like to visit, around the world; this also fuels her desire to open her own restaurant (I remember watching this film when I was mulling over resurrecting my cake business, after I thought I was going to have to let me dream die).

Last Holiday2
What I love about the Book of Possibilities is that any one of us could have a book like this. Somewhere you keep your notes and images about your plans and dreams. For most of us, our dreams are lodged in our brains and we do nothing more with them. If we do not realise that if these dreams and desires are not put onto paper, or recorded in some way, they will never take flight…

Last Holiday
If you’re not doing this already, get yourself a notepad, a book or a photo album and start hatching those plans and start speaking life to them.

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Where’s your power?

Alice Walker

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Thankful for the little things


I switched on the dishwasher, after clearing away the breakfast plates on Christmas morning, and gave thanks.

Last year, on Christmas Eve after baking and decorating the last batch of cakes and cupcakes for my customers, I switched on the dishwasher and the thing wouldn’t work. It was too late in the day to call a repair man. I couldn’t believe it, on one of my busiest baking days for my business and preparing the family’s festive treats, I was caught short as one my kitchen’s assets went on the blink. I pulled on my rubber gloves and began to wash up (truly a first world problem).

It’s important to be thankful for the little things in life; especially the ones that make your life easier. What are you thankful for, in your home, today?

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Cosy toes and smellies

Cosy toes and smellies

I am so thankful for the gifts I received over Christmas:
• Cosy slippers and way too many marvellous products to pamper and preen myself.
• Scented candles to remind me to relax and recharge.
• Note books to plot, plan, scheme and dream

Thanks so much for my glorious gifts.

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