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Teacher, we salute you!

I don’t know who this teacher is, but I have so much admiration for him.  This one action allowed a woman not to give up on her education, just because she is a mother. Advertisements

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Mums, indulge yourself a little…

I watched two programmes on television this week, where mums ended up putting so many people first, before their needs, the consequences were tragic: • Depression • Weight gain • Burn out • Panic attacks Mums (and I’m talking to … Continue reading

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Childcare at a women’s conference…Surely not?

At least once a week I receive an invitation to attend or speak at a women’s conference or event. The events are hosted by a number of organisations; faith groups, women in business, empowering women, to name a few. Is … Continue reading

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Provision for the Vision

I took some time out, recently. I started to get frustrated, because things weren’t moving forward in the pace I wanted them to move, and I felt there were constant setbacks and drawbacks. It was only when I took some … Continue reading

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Get up, Create, Break Out

I think it’s great to have a book that is good enough to pass on to a friend, that’s a must-read. It’s even better, when it’s a book that not only will they enjoy, but will add value to their … Continue reading

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The Life of Pie

I had a brilliant morning yesterday. I was invited to a girls’ school in north London to speak about setting up a business, finance and career choices while you are young. We did a short exercise on how my day … Continue reading

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I buried my head in a book

One of the nice things about the Christmas break was that I was able to curl up on the sofa and read. Not just read for research or work, but for the sheer pleasure of reading. When we didn’t have … Continue reading

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