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From the kitchen table

Eureka moments don’t just happen in the bath. I know that I’m not the only person who formulates ideas from the kitchen table. Some of the best businesses were formed around a kitchen or dining table (no doubt, after a … Continue reading

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The book of possibilities

One of my favourite girl-time films is Last Holiday, starring Queen Latifah. Cookware sales clerk Georgia Byrd is led to believe that she has less than a month to live. So she cashes in her life savings and literally begins … Continue reading

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Always leave on good terms

My mother used to say: “when you leave a job, always leave on good terms; you never know who or what is around the corner”. When I finally took the plunge to give up my day job and develop my … Continue reading

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Provision for the Vision

I took some time out, recently. I started to get frustrated, because things weren’t moving forward in the pace I wanted them to move, and I felt there were constant setbacks and drawbacks. It was only when I took some … Continue reading

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In my footsteps

You never know how you can go on to influence your children to do great things. My little girl loves to sit with me when I’m decorating cakes. Sometimes it not always possible. But if there’s space (and of course … Continue reading

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Dream Talk for Black History Month

I was recently invited to a diversity group in Kensington and Chelsea, to deliver a talk not giving up on your dreams, it was during Black History Month; it was an honour and a pleasure. I was asked to create … Continue reading

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Not another sales call…

Whether you work from home, or you’re based in an office, you are bound to get them. Sometimes once a week, once a day or several times a day. ‘Hello, can I speak to the owner of Delights by Cynthia?’ … Continue reading

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