Book Cynthia

You can book Cynthia Akinsanya to provide the following services:

If you would like me to review a product, service or book, please email me at Please note that I can only give an honest review aimed at giving my followers the information they need to move forward with their business dreams.

Wonder woman pic
If you would like me to write about:
Being a woman in business
Running your own business
Running your business from home
Encouraging young people (especially women) in business
Working from home
Running a cake business
Christian women in business
Using your creative gifts and talents
Motherhood and business

For all writing enquiries contact me at

Cynthia can provide workshops for:
Cake decorating
Christian women in business
Doing your own PR
How to promote your business

Cynthia Akinsanya Poster

Cynthia offers a number of motivational talks which include:
Setting up a business
Are you woman enough to go into business
Young Entrepreneurs


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