Some ideas should RIP

In business, it’s just as important to celebrate your failures as well as your successes. One company who does this such humour and style is Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry's

For the flavours that weren’t as popular, no longer flavour of the month, or the flavours that were cut down in their prime, Ben & Jerry’s have a flavour graveyard, for their dearly de-pinted.


The graveyard hosts a gravestone for each flavour no longer with us:

Vermonty Python
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Cool Britannia
Holy Cannoli


It is only as they get rid of the old and less popular flavours, that Ben & Jerry’s can make room for the new and even more delicious flavours.

As a business owner, everything you try or put your hand to, will not be a success. So how can you celebrate your failures and most importantly, learn from them, creatively?


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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