Food(bank) for thought

Food bank

I was delighted that our church had started to run a food bank.  Once a month, the church can contribute groceries to help families in need in the church and the wider community.  The food bank movement is a simple yet practical way to give back.  You will be surprised at the families and individuals who benefit from a food bank.  One Christmas, a box from our local church made a big difference to our family, so I know how much they are appreciated.

Most food banks can provide some suggestions of items to contribute that are useful to families:

  • Pasta
  • Tinned food – soup, baked beans
  • Food cupboard staples
  • Cleaning products
  • Sauces
  • Biscuits
  • Tea and coffee

In most (not all) families, the person responsible for the food shopping is a woman (my husband does the food shopping in out home, I could be wrong, but I believe that we are the exception to the rule).

When you’re a woman and your budget is tight, you might not prioritise your personal care.  You cut down on buying beauty and skincare treats.  This may also mean scrimping on sanitary products too.  Weighing up whether to buy £5.00 worth of sanitary towels or some food items, can be a reality some women, even in this country, may have to live with.

Food banks

If you’ve never thought about contributing towards a foodbank, now might be the time. Next time you are buying your tampons and sanitary towels, pop a few extra packs in the basker…They will be put to good use (plus lighter to carry to the food bank, than a bag of baked beans).


To find your nearest food bank 

Statistics on food banks in the UK 


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