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Is your passion calling you?

Join me in the Girls’ Room on 8th February 2014. Advertisements

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Christmas: Hospitality and Etiquette

Show some hospitality over the Christmas season: Hospitality: Love thy neighbour: Check in on your elderly neighbours. Are they warm enough? Have they eaten? Half an hour, over a cup of tea could really lift their spirits… Room for one … Continue reading

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Christmas essentials and safety

Here’s a few last minute things you might want to consider for Christmas to be less stressful – some essentials and safety. Essentials: I’ve put together a list of things that tend to fall off the Christmas shopping list (and … Continue reading

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Have you got it together, this Christmas?

We’d all love Christmas to run so smoothly, that those home interior and housekeeping magazines will flock to us for festive tips. But Christmas rarely is picture perfect…But it should be fun. Instead of letting everyone know via social media … Continue reading

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Hey Big Spender

It’s very easy to over-do it in December and be ‘caught short’ throughout the whole of January. Here’s a few tips to ease the burden: • Set yourself a budget and stick within it, this should help you not to … Continue reading

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Light a Christmas Candle

Christmas is a wonderful time to cultivate your own family traditions. If your dear ones are not so near, make use of technology and gather up close together. Try this: Arrange a time during the festive period, when (wherever you … Continue reading

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The last School Run

For most mothers of Primary School aged children, 8.00am – 9.00am on most week days is pretty full on. You’re busy getting yourself and your children washed dressed, fed and also remembering what to pack in bags for each day. … Continue reading

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