What if you believed you were beautiful?


I am thrilled to introduce you to Noela Collis. She has blessed and impacted my life in so many ways.  


Noela  is a minister, author, speaker, counsellor, and a certified master life coach.  She is the owner of High Definition Professional Life Coaching Services. Her niche in coaching is as a Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs who Want to Create a Life They Love. Noela has clients around the world from many different backgrounds.  She works with them to become really clear about their passions and strategises with them to create a plan for success.  Noela also holds professional development workshops and seminars for corporate and community groups.

Today, Noela poses the question, some of you have not even dared to comprehend or consider…

I recently heard about a photographer who walked the streets of his city taking pictures of people who were walking by.  He approached random  women.  It didn’t matter if they were young or old. He asked to take their picture.  Some were suspicious and others were perplexed. Why would a stranger request this?  The photographer answered each person who asked with, “Because you are beautiful”.

 Each time the photographer looked into the eyes of the stranger he approached and told them that he thought they were a beautiful person, he received an immediate response. It was quite profound. Some people’s faces crinkled into a shy smile, whilst others looked away.  Some people’s eyes lit up with such joy, and they acted up for the camera.

t was clear that some had NEVER had this spoken to them.  It was just as clear that some had NEVER considered themselves to be beautiful.  Really?  Could this be?

What if each one of us believed we were beautiful?  What response would that truth evoke in our hearts?  Would we be more confident and self assured?  Would we live differently?

I believe our lives would be profoundly different. We would live from a place of beauty of heart and spirit, not from a place of hurt, rejection, and pain.  We would not be focused on physical imperfections.  We would realise that we are enough for every situation.  We would confidently stride forward knowing that we are a gift to those around us, and we have so much to offer.

The beauty of our hearts would show up on the outside. People would notice our beautiful eyes and great smile.  They would be attracted to our personality….and then we would begin to take better care of ourselves – all because we are beautiful on the inside (and we know it).  We would present more attractively because of our internal belief.

I have had the privilege of working with women in 25 nations.  Some started life by being thrown on the rubbish tip as girls who were not valued in their culture.  Others have had weather beaten faces from long hours working in fields.  Some have had gnarly hands from many years of hard work.  All of these women were beautiful.  Others were wealthy and had “everything”, and yet felt they had nothing.  Some felt they could never escape their past.  Each one of these women were beautiful.  Many came to know it.

We get so caught up in looking at what we consider to be physical shortcomings.  Often we feverishly work to cover these things – to lose weight, to learn the latest make up tricks to cover up imperfections; yet, beauty begins on the inside.  It begins where everything begins – in the heart.  If we want to change something, we must first look at the heart.  When the heart is changed, we can then successfully work on the outer parts of our life.

Now, think about how your life will change when you truly believe that you are beautiful. You will no longer compare  or measure yourself against others and what they have.  You will be free to be who you are.  You will be free to love and free to live.  You will be able to tackle the areas of life you wish to see changed.

True beauty begins with believing that you are beautiful.  I want you to do something right now…….go to a mirror and look at your reflection.  Look right into your eyes and speak the words “You are so beautiful”.  Some of you may find this exercise really difficult, but please persevere each day until you believe it.  Look past what you don’t like.  Work through the issues that prevent you from fully accepting the truth right now.

Today I want to tell you that YOU are beautiful.  Yes, you.  Believe it.

For more information and to connect with Noela, go to: www.highdefinitionlifecoaching.com

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From the kitchen table

Eureka moments don’t just happen in the bath.

We all remember Monica's apartment in 'Friends'.

We all remember Monica’s apartment in ‘Friends’.

I know that I’m not the only person who formulates ideas from the kitchen table. Some of the best businesses were formed around a kitchen or dining table (no doubt, after a few glasses of wine): The Body Shop and The Covent Garden Soup Company, to name a couple.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Lopo Champalimaud, the CEO of beauty website Wahanda, speak about how he grew his multi-million pound business, at The Beauty Exchange, organised by Enterprise Nation. Guess where the idea for Wahanda came from?
I remember when I started my cake business, I was sitting at the kitchen table, when I started putting the ideas together (a good place to be for a baking business). So next time you are at the table, alone, with the family or a bunch of friends, think about the ideas that are thrown across the table. Even those whacky and way-out ideas might come in useful, sometime soon.

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Some ideas should RIP

In business, it’s just as important to celebrate your failures as well as your successes. One company who does this such humour and style is Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry's

For the flavours that weren’t as popular, no longer flavour of the month, or the flavours that were cut down in their prime, Ben & Jerry’s have a flavour graveyard, for their dearly de-pinted.


The graveyard hosts a gravestone for each flavour no longer with us:

Vermonty Python
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Cool Britannia
Holy Cannoli


It is only as they get rid of the old and less popular flavours, that Ben & Jerry’s can make room for the new and even more delicious flavours.

As a business owner, everything you try or put your hand to, will not be a success. So how can you celebrate your failures and most importantly, learn from them, creatively?

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Teacher, we salute you!

TeacherI don’t know who this teacher is, but I have so much admiration for him.  This one action allowed a woman not to give up on her education, just because she is a mother.

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Food(bank) for thought

Food bank

I was delighted that our church had started to run a food bank.  Once a month, the church can contribute groceries to help families in need in the church and the wider community.  The food bank movement is a simple yet practical way to give back.  You will be surprised at the families and individuals who benefit from a food bank.  One Christmas, a box from our local church made a big difference to our family, so I know how much they are appreciated.

Most food banks can provide some suggestions of items to contribute that are useful to families:

  • Pasta
  • Tinned food – soup, baked beans
  • Food cupboard staples
  • Cleaning products
  • Sauces
  • Biscuits
  • Tea and coffee

In most (not all) families, the person responsible for the food shopping is a woman (my husband does the food shopping in out home, I could be wrong, but I believe that we are the exception to the rule).

When you’re a woman and your budget is tight, you might not prioritise your personal care.  You cut down on buying beauty and skincare treats.  This may also mean scrimping on sanitary products too.  Weighing up whether to buy £5.00 worth of sanitary towels or some food items, can be a reality some women, even in this country, may have to live with.

Food banks

If you’ve never thought about contributing towards a foodbank, now might be the time. Next time you are buying your tampons and sanitary towels, pop a few extra packs in the basker…They will be put to good use (plus lighter to carry to the food bank, than a bag of baked beans).


To find your nearest food bank 

Statistics on food banks in the UK 

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The coolest guy in business


Some people enjoy meeting and being photographed with celebrities. I like to meet people who I admire in business. I get to meet them, plus get the chance to learn from them.

A while back, I was invited to a Ben & Jerry’s event and I got to meet Jerry Greenfield, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

Cynthia and Jerry 2

It was such a joy to meet one of the biggest names in the food industry, who continued to remain grounded and down –to-earth. We had a little chat, I told him about my cake business and this is the advice he gave to me:

* Stick to what you believe in

* Keeping working at it

* Enjoy what you do

That’s pretty sound advice from one of the coolest guys in business.

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One Direction


I’m always looking for ways to free up some time in my day. If I find something that works, I have to pass it on. Here’s my time saving tip for today:

If you find yourself frequently giving the same (long winded) directions to different people, either to:
Your home
Your studio
Your business premises
Where you meet clients

Why not create a Word document with directions. Include useful information like the nearest transportation links and landmarks. So when people ask, you can just fire off an email. If you take some time to create this, you can also use this as a marketing tool, add your branding, website and contact details.

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