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Scary decisions

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International Day for Rural Women

15th October is the International Day for Rural Women.
Did you know…
• Women produce 50% of the world’s food, but only own 1% of the land.

Rural women in Sierra Leone

Rural women in Sierra Leone

• Rural women comprise more than one quarter of the total world population.
• 500 million women live below the poverty line in rural areas.
• Women produce 60-80% of basic foodstuffs in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.
• Women perform over 50% of the labor involved in intensive rice cultivation in Asia.



• Women perform 30% of the agricultural work in industrialized countries.
• Women head 60% of households in some regions of Africa.



• Women meet 90% of household water and fuel needs in Africa. Women process 100% of basic household foodstuffs in Africa.

women farmers factograph png

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But what if?…

What if


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Love in a Headscarf

If you want to know about people, either get to know them or read all you can about them, from their perspective.

Love in a headscarf

Love in a Headscarf by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, is a refreshing, enlightening read about a young, British Muslim girl’s path to matrimony. The quest for love is never a smooth one; add culture, faith, tradition and modern living into the equation and you have quite an explosive mix.

The story is placed in front of a backdrop that outlines the basic principles of Islam and some of the love stories highlighted in the Qu’ran.

I love the fact that Shelina holds true to her faith, family and tradition, but is also willing to adapt within reason; trying speed dating, the Internet and traditional match-making methods. No matter what your faith or culture is, you can relate to the joy in finding The One.

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For what it’s worth


When you find a good hairdresser, stick with them and treasure them like gold. I met Eva, my hairdresser when I was three months pregnant with my second child. Every few weeks I send an S.O.S type text requesting a hair appointment and Eva comes round with her bag of tongs and tools and pretties-me-up.

Eva has been doing my hair for six years and has been saving me from bad hair days. She’s only had to cancel one appointment, in all this time. We have built up a fantastic relationship (we all know that we tell our hairdressers things we wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else), but in the six years she has been taking care of my hair, her pricing has not changed.

Because I value and appreciate Eva’s work, I had to speak to her about increasing her prices. In the six years she has been doing my hair:

• her rent has gone up
• travel costs have increased
• the cost of hair and beauty products have gone up too

If you value someone who runs a business or provides a service, and you think that they are undervaluing themselves; do the right thing and encourage them to look at their prices – for what it’s worth.

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Love yourself

"I love me and I am the best"

“I love me and I am the best.”

Phoebe came home with these paintings a couple of months ago. Some might look at these and say ‘such confidence’ or ‘that’s a bit egotistical? I’m delighted that my six year old already knows the importance of loving herself (some of us in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even older are still struggling with this one).  Phoebe sees herself the way that God sees her. See the best in yourself and it won’t be so hard to see the best in others too.

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Dream Big


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